Importance of a Project feasibility study

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The majority of the businesses often under look Project feasibility study during a brand-new project and jump straight into delegations and timelines.  But a well-planned feasibility study can not only save precious time, money and resources but also ease the project management.

Businesses do not succeed by brilliant and world-changing ideas, but rather succeed by hundreds of hours of hard work and careful planning. That is why out of 50 ideas only 1 makes into a real business. This is where the importance of due diligence and Project feasibility study comes in. 

Here are few advantages of Project feasibility study.

1.      Starting a New Business: Launching a brand new business isn’t only about short-term gains and profits, but about making business sustainable to generate long-term growth. In the case of launching a business, two types of feasibility studies can be performed. How many resources are necessary to start the business and long-term viability of the business.

Many businesses have ignored the importance of feasibility study, and have failed horribly. One such example would be during late 90’s .com bubble- companies who had great ideas but unsustainable methods became examples of high profile failures. All because they ignored the importance of feasibility study.

2.      Changing an existing product or service: Change is the law of nature. And businesses who don’t change with time often end up remaining just a brand (Nokia, Blackberry), innovation is the key to success. Just look at apple and google for example. At times when making changes in the existing products or services become necessary, a feasibility study proves to be extremely useful. Based on the study companies can strategically decide to experiment with their existing products and meet customer demands.

3.      Launching a new Product or Service: Just like changing existing products or services, launching new products or services without risking the entire company can only be done through the help of routine feasibility study. Based on their studies companies decide whether a change in consumer demand is worth making a new product or not.

4.      Starting a partnership:  Investors, employees and shareholders need assurance that merger of companies will indeed lead to a better future. Feasibility studies help them understand whether the partnership or merger is going to bring any long-term benefits or not.

The simplest way of doing a Project feasibility study for your business:

·        Conduct a pre-feasibility study and decide whether you actually need the study or not.

·        Check all your options before you finalise your idea.

·        Assess the Demand in you desired market.

·        Assess the competition and marketing possibilities.

·        Determine the challenges, both short –term and long-term.

·        Make a routine for your feasibility study.

·        Hire expert consultants for a pure objective Project feasibility study.

Conducting a project feasibility study can be time and resource consuming, that is why it is always a good idea to hire professionals to help you get a completely objective feasibility analysis.  We at provide professional project feasibility analysis and other services.

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